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Meaning of Scale?

This word has many meanings and uses, but it means “unlimited ambition, and a different level of creativity” to us. Our creativity is expanding day after day; our scale is always guaranteeing of achieving success to our clients and won their satisfaction. Our passion is to be a working space that can accommodate experts, creative people, innovators, and the interpreters in an inspirational and creative environment, which achieve the development and thrive of our community.

Story of Scale

From Riyadh, We launched after suffering to find a creative place that meets our aspiration. We decided to take place in making a model that represent a creative environment and a place that you can fill by energy and life, where businesses can thrive and the minds can meet and the creative ideas can be released in it, where the dreams embrace each other and hopes are getting met, to become a reality that occur in the real life.

We provide the comfort and the welcoming of the place, as we aim to be your choice and the launching point towards word of success and excellence, and the first step to start embracing and accelerating your entrepreneurial project or hosting your business.

We are a co-working space, which provides multiple unique services. By joining us, you can book any of the desired facilities to do your work and activities in a flexible and professional environment and in a comfortable atmosphere. You can also choose what you prefer from the private or shared offices, in addition to meeting rooms and setting in the lounges or reception areas that helps you in expansion of your relationships circle, and you can attend the different operating workshops, which are held at our place.

We are aiming to reach high level of quality and creativity in what we offer, to guarantee your satisfaction, happiness and achieving your goals

We are one of the certified enterprises that certified from Small & Medium Enterprises General Authority SMEA and we work under their direct supervision, and we hope through this to contribute in the development of the department of co-working space in the local market, and working on achieving the vision and mission of the kingdom 2030. In addition to that, we have a strong relationship with the General Investment Authority, as we cooperate with them on supporting the attraction of companies with international experience to work in the kingdom with the goal of adding touchable value, increase the abilities of the youth and the support the local economy.

Our Mission

Empowering Entrepreneurs, and enterprises, support the innovation and creativity to achieve the excellence in all the fields, and to build a cooperative, varied community with high experience.

Our Vision

To build a community that support the courage of the entrepreneurs, and help enterprises to success and progress. We work to make entrepreneurs able to achieve what they are looking forward to, and to build strong and deep relationships with everyone. We aim to share in Implementation of the ideas and improving skills, and to have the role of launching the unique entrepreneurial projects. We want to be a source of businesses as a co-working space that make its mark in Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf area.

Our Values
  • Cooperation: with all our clients and with all the components of the Saudi society
  • Flexibility: adapting and responding properly to the challenges and the emergencies
  • Creativity: and the innovation in the projects and the activities we do
  • Growth: and keeping track of all the new trends and provide the latest in our services
Our Goals

To have a role in launching the unique entrepreneurial projects, and a source of businesses as a co-working space that make its mark in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf area.

  • Strengthen the culture of the free work
  • Building an important relationship which contribute in forming long-term partnerships
  • share the knowledge through workshops and the variety of the lectures
  • Helping the enterprises to grow through the administrative and supporting services
  • Supporting and Sponsoring of the non-profit and volunteering activities
  • Continuous pursuit of the satisfaction of the visitors of our facility and our customers.
Why Scale ?

We are unique in being untraditional coworking space that has what our beneficiary needs such as calling, secretary services, meeting rooms and offices. Scale offices are flexible and give the clients the impression that they are in their own company’s facilities. All of this is by suitable prices and without the need of the long-term commitments.

We also take care to provide the suitable atmosphere for working, spreading the culture and aiming to empower the members for gaining skills, build relationships, see others’ experiences, and discussing the latest in the modern technologies and science in the fields of business.

We aim to empower members to build strong relationships with the supportive authorities, which provide its experiences and abilities to support them, and we guarantee to provide the suitable atmosphere for working and we aim to achieve high level of that is accompanied by an atmosphere of comfort and leisure to enjoy the work or while performing various activities.

  • Flexibility and saving money, we have your needs, your office and all the supplies with the cheapest price
  • We have opportunity for building shared relationships and experiences, get it as soon as possible
  • We have supportive environment and authorities that will help you in building your projects and launching it

We provide you with all what you need for your events and activities, and we accompany you in your success steps until the end.

Achieve your success and reserve your place with us. A creative and innovative environment awaits you … Book Now. Don’t miss the opportunity and book your place now, we have prepared for you a wonderful work-space.


From Riyadh, We launched after suffering to find a creative place that meets our aspiration, we decided to take place in making a model that represents a creative environment and a place that you can fill by energy and life
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