about us

A Workspace that grows when you grow
Access to People & Resources.

We are a co-working space, which provides multiple unique services.

By joining us, you can book any of the desired facilities to do your work and activities in a flexible and professional environment and in a comfortable atmosphere.

You can Choose what you prefer from the private or shared offices, in addition to meeting rooms and setting in the lounges or reception areas that helps you in expansion of your relationships circle, and you can attend the different operating workshops, which are held at our place.

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Why Scale?

We are unique in being untraditional coworking space that has what our beneficiary needs such as calling, secretary services, meeting rooms and offices. Scale offices are flexible and give the clients the impression that they are in their own company’s facilities. All of this is by suitable prices and without the need of the long-term commitments.

Membership options

Beautiful setting, abundant natural light, amazing comfort, super-fast internet, industrial style interior,
custom made desks, state-of-the-art AC system, top notch location,…