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Dedicated Desk from Scale co-working space

Dedicated Desk

Scale dedicated desks are ideal services for freelancers, small-business owners, and remote workers. Dedicated desks come equipped with a chair, comfortable desk, and internet service, technical and logistic support.
Above all, you can feel yourself at home.
Private Office at Scale co-working space

Private Office

We have many options, which are suitable for the needs of entrepreneurs and enterprises. We provide private offices as one of the scale services and shared areas.
The private office option is suitable for people that their work requires concentration and a calm atmosphere, and they prefer to leave their stuff in the workplace place, or they have independent work that doesn’t need open or public space.
Because of that, we provide this option in addition to other advantages which accompany this package that include that: comfortable office, internet service, private safe, technical and logistic support, free hourly booking for the meeting rooms, and using the facilities 24 hours a day.
Meeting room at Scale co-working space

Meeting Room

To succeed in your work, you need to communicate with your team, and to provide suitable conditions and environment to meet them.
We provide a diversity of options including meeting rooms that are equipped with the latest amenities.
So, you can easily book a meeting room where you can host your working team or a group of students,
And we will provide you with all that is needed from comfortable furniture, stationery stuff, and display in a nice atmosphere filled with cooperation and fun.
Workshops & Conference hall at scale co-working space

Workshops & Conference​

Workshops are considered one of the ways of interaction and cooperation between a small group of people. which are interspersed with a group of quick and small meetings that address the specific topic: Scientific, cultural, human, social, or administrative and this is to achieve an idea or recommendations or mechanisms that can be applied in the topic of discussion.
We help you efficiently in planning, holding, and hosting the workshop fully at our premises, without the hassle of preparations and coordination with the attendees. In addition to that, we hold workshops and special conferences on a regular basis, to support entrepreneurs so that we address topics related to the latest developments in technology and the business world.
Business Lounge at Scale

Business Lounge

Scale presents a luxurious comfy business lounge that combines the corporate atmosphere with an informal touch. so,
The Business Lounge also hosts exciting networking events where you can meet like-minded entrepreneurs.
This specially designed, unique co-working space is the perfect place to work, relax, and enjoy.
From Riyadh, We launched after suffering to find a creative place that meets our aspiration, we decided to take place in making a model that represents a creative environment and a place that you can fill by energy and life
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